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top rated sunnyvale pool removalMany home buyers love the appeal of owning a home with a swimming pool in Northern California because of our wonderfully warm and sunny climate. As the years pass, however, the thrill of having a pool wears off and maintenance care will become a chore. Then there are all the extra costs associated with pool ownership, from high insurance premiums to cleaning supplies. If you feel as if you are the only Sunnyvale homeowner who wants to get rid of a swimming pool, don't worry. Many other residents felt the same way and they used our services to remove their pool. We are the leading Sunnyvale, CA pool demolition contractor. Use our experience and expertise to demolish your unwanted pool.

Getting rid of an unwanted pool is a lot more complicated than just digging out concrete, so it is highly recommended that you use a professional contractor. The state of California has strict guidelines that contractors need to follow when removing pools to protect the safety of the workers and the surrounding environment. We address all the pool demolition steps, from first filing for the demolition permit to then safely draining the pool and breaking up its concrete shell. Once the excavation work is done, we follow all recommendations from the soils engineer to fill in your pool, leaving your backyard with a new lease on life. Our hassle-free Sunnyvale pool removal service means that you can sit back and relax while we do all the hard work.

What is a Soils Engineer?

sunnyvale pool removal and pool fill inIf you've looked into removing your pool, you've probably come across this word and wondered what it meant. Basically, a soils engineer is someone who studies dirt. This is important when filling in pools because your contractor should always consult with a soil specialist who can select the fill material.
For example, let's say a sub-par contractor tells you that he doesn't need a soils engineer, as he can just fill in the pool himself. This contractor doesn't use the right dirt and he doesn't compact the dirt while filling the pool. At first everything might seem fine, but then the first hard rain comes along, and you realize a part of your yard had sunk in exactly the shape of your old pool.
This faulty filling and compacting work are precisely why consulting with a soils engineer is very vital. Call our Sunnyvale pool fill in specialist for ether questions or a quote.

Pool Removal Services

Are you tired of spending money on your swimming pool? Has your once-loved family pool become an ugly eyesore? Don't waste another moment of your time and money on your old swimming pool. We are licensed and insured contractors who do pool removals in Sunnyvale, CA. Call us today to see what our highly qualified team can do for you.

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